A Day In The Life Of A Recovering Mom

Motherhood is an amazing gift that I absolutely cherish but let me tell you it’s no easy feat (for me anyway). I’ve always envied those mothers who make it look effortless. You know the ones I’m talking about. Their hair and makeup is always done when they are dropping their kids off at school. Their children always look well put together and I’m sure their houses are spotless! What is their magical secret? I’ve thought maybe I had my kids too close together, maybe I just wasn’t born with these super mom abilities, or maybe I’m just doing a terrible job as a parent because my life doesn’t look like theirs! Throw the stress of feeling like you never measure up plus coping with sobriety and often times you will find one frazzled mommy. Honestly in the beginning of my journey I cried all the time. I didn’t know how I was going to survive this. I could no longer go to my coping mechanisms of alcohol and nicotine at the end of my day and it terrified me, but I continued to survive. Its a little painful and embarrassing to even write about how much I’ve struggled as a mother because all I ever really cared about or wanted to do with my life was be a mom. I wanted to be a great mom. One of those perfect tv moms who had cookies and milk waiting for their children when they got home from school. I hate admitting that I’ve fallen short. Quite short actually. I feel like most of my days are absolute chaos! Let me give you a little run through of a typical summer day in my house…

I have a 10 year old special needs daughter, a 6 year old son, and a 4 year old son. By 6:30am I am up! I’ve got to have my one cup of coffee before the noise of the day begins. Five minutes later I hear my daughter yell “Mom wake me up”! The day has officially started. I normally have to strip my daughters sheets because she’s had an accident and the pull-ups and every other method of prevention just hasn’t worked. The boys wake. I cook them breakfast and the fight begins over who gets the first pancake. I tell them “I will give you your pancakes at the same time just like I do everyday”! Syrup is now all over my kitchen table. I go get on the treadmill because I’ve found that exercise in the beginning of my day helps to keep my stress level down through the rest of my day. At least 15 times while I’m running someone has to come tattle tale. Usually the youngest. I can hear toys being drug out of bedrooms and boys chasing each other around. My daughter is usually playing her guitar and singing at the top of her lungs while wearing non matching clothes she has picked out for herself and put on inside out and backwards. I finish my workout. Whats the point in a shower and fixing your hair and makeup when it looks like a bomb when off? I start cleaning while my daughter follows me around asking me the same questions over and over all while giving me non stop little slaps. I’m so use to it that I hardly even notice anymore. I’m moping the floor and the boys come running into the house covered head to toe in mud leaving a trail all over my now not so clean floor. I make them lunch. Yesterday I had a baked potato dropped all over the carpet (even though they know that food isn’t allowed in the living room). The afternoon basically continues in the same manner. We sing a lot and pretend we are in a band when I get tired of cleaning. Whats the point? I’m going to be cleaning the same things repeatedly and feeling like nothing is being accomplished anyway. Once evening arrives I’m normally exhausted. I cook dinner then pray they take showers without too much of a fight! I get everyone ready for bed which involves putting my daughters sheets back on her bed, giving her medicine, and we say prayers and sing “Jesus Loves Me” every night. The boys are easier because they require Daddy to read them their bedtime stories. Silence finally. I look around and the dishwasher needs loaded, the laundry is piling up on the couch waiting to be folded, and I seriously need to bathe!

Chaos right? Yes it is but I wouldn’t trade this life for anything in the world! I’ve learned to accept that I don’t have it all figured out and I can’t compare myself to other mothers. I’m not perfect and most of the time I feel like I’ve completely lost my brain! Our life isn’t tv perfection but my children know how much I love them. Through all the craziness there is multiple “I love you’s” and tons of hugs. Luckily my kids don’t mind that I’m flawed. They don’t care that I’m the creative unorganized type. They don’t expect me to be perfect. They expect nothing more then to just be loved and have someone who refills their koolaid cups 900 times a day. They know how much their mommy loves Jesus and they can see the change he has made in me and for now thats just going to have to be good enough. We will all continue to just take things one day at a time.



2 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Recovering Mom

  1. Misty, I can so relate. I share your frustration and need for order amidst the chaos. But let me reassure you that there is no “perfect” mom. There are degrees of having it together. Those of us who slog through the day as a typical human appear “not so put together”. When I compare myself to others that look like they stepped out of a magazine I will always fall short. God made one of me – never meant for me to compare myself to someone who is not me and does not live my life. What God has shown me in my search for perfection is that my kids don’t require me to be June Kliewer. They just want my attention and my affection along with all the necessities of life – you know food, clothes, ect. They won’t remeber a home and garden spotless house or a vogue made up mom. They will remember if you spent time with them and if you gave love.


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