5 Months Free

Today marks five months of sobriety! When I started my journey this seemed like a far fetched goal but here I am! I’ve learned so much about myself, about life, and most importantly I’m constantly learning about my Heavenly Father and his unfailing love. Some days I feel completely overwhelmed by his grace and I can honestly say that for the first time I have peace. I’m no longer searching for a means of escape from my life because I’m in love with this second chance I’ve been given. I’ve thought a lot about how much I’ve grown in my faith over the past year and how everyday the weight of my past is a little less heavy. The fog that I’ve had hanging over me is lifting and I’m seeing the world in a new light.

God has opened so many doors for me. I’ve been given multiple opportunities to share my story and once a week I have the honor of getting to speak to teens in a juvenile detention center. I’m not always great with words. Sometimes I fumble all the way through my message but I feel like those kids know how much I love them. As hard as my life has been at times, I know that I wouldn’t be able to relate and minister to these teens if I hadn’t experienced the trials in my life. God’s taken a mess of a women, made her new, and gave me a purpose.


I have a new appreciation for life that I’ve never had before. I’ve always been that weird artsy type girl but I didn’t realize how much of my talents were being hidden deep down inside of me. They were tucked away and neatly hidden under a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse. Now that my mind is clear creativity is exploding out of me. I’m enjoying doing things that I never even knew I was capable of. Writing is a beautiful outlet for me because it allows me to get all the thoughts that I can’t always seem to put into spoken words out of my system. I’ve also started making cakes……….


I love making dresses………..


I take tons of pictures of my friends amazing daughter because my own children refuse to be my models!


Sometimes I even take pictures of bugs…….


One day as I was out running I saw these beautiful white butterflies that just seemed to be following me along the dirt road I was running. Then I saw that little caterpillar trying to make his way across the road and I just felt God speak to my heart and tell me that

1) You are one of those tree hugging hippies that your dad always talks about..(love you dad!)

2)Every creature on this earth has a purpose and we are all just trying to make our way in this big world to fulfill our destiny.

God has a plan for each of us. Sometimes we don’t always understand the trials and hardships of life but even in those darkest of times his light is at the end of the tunnel. Trust him and take the time to soak in his love and the beauty that is all around us. Be blessed!



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