Rock Your Modesty: A Message For the Ladies


Modesty use to be a word that I knew very little about. To be honest in my “dark days” as I like to call them, nothing about the way I presented myself to the world would have been considered modest. I was a typical “party girl” and my dresses were always too short and my cleavage always showing. I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this. Why would I? The other party girls were dressed just like me and our society tells us that to be beautiful you must look sexy. I believed this lie until the day I let Jesus Christ take over my heart. The way I dressed was one of the first things that began to change in my new life and I quickly learned that looking beautiful has nothing to do with how much skin you have revealed. I’m still a stylish rocker chick but the way I present myself has changed. The parts of my body that are only meant to be seen by my husband are now only seen by my husband!

There is a saying that “negative attention is still attention”. Ladies if we are laying all of our goods out for display do we honestly think that we are going to attract the man of our dreams? Very unlikely! We are going to attract boys that only see us as sexual objects. Not men who see us as a gift that should be cherished. We are all worthy of being loved and respected! Which is why presenting ourselves with modesty is so important. This doesn’t mean that we can’t be stylish and attractive or that we need to go out and burn our wardrobe. For me its been very easy to keep my rocker style without exposing myself. I still love dresses but I now have a huge assortment of leggings that I wear under them if I feel the length is a little too short. I still own low cut tops but I now wear tank tops under them to help me stay modest.

Whether you are married or single let’s be very honest with ourselves, no woman wants her husband or future husbands eyes to be diverted from her because of a woman who is dressed inappropriately. So we shouldn’t be that distraction to others. Lets remember how beautiful we are without feeling the need to seek negative attention. We should also keep in mind that our husbands don’t appreciate other men gawking at us because we are wearing something that is too revealing. We should only fully reveal our bodies to the man we marry. Make him feel special knowing that ALL of you is only seen by him. Love and respect yourself enough to see that you are beautiful exactly how God made you and trust that he will send you a Godly husband! There is no need to compromise your dignity to attract a man, because a man of God will love more than just your body. He will love all of you!

You are beautiful!
Be blessed lovelies!


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