Be A Light In A World Of Darkness

It’s so easy in our world today for a person to get lost in their hectic lives. So easy to forget the things that matter most in this life. Like making sure our life is a reflection of light for those who are living in darkness. It’s that time of year where we are in the midst of the holiday season. We are busy fighting crowds for the perfect gift for our loved ones, making sure the holiday decorations are Christmas card perfection, and searching for the perfect holiday recipes. It’s so easy to lose sight of why we go through all this madness. Jesus. He is the reason why Christians celebrate every year on December 25th. I love the holidays just as much as anyone else. I love the comfort of being with family, the Christmas carols, and watching my children’s faces light up on Christmas morning, but today God has had me reflecting on what is really important.

He has laid the “lost” on my heart. Those who don’t know the joy and peace of the Great Comforter. Today he has reminded me that my life may be busy and overwhelming at times but I know that in the darkest of times I have a savior to rely on. To give my burdens too. Not everyone has this reassurance. It’s not popular to be a Christian in today’s world and so many are living in darkness. While we celebrate with our families their will be homeless families hoping for a warm meal. Addicts searching for their next fix. People feeling completely alone in this world because the holiday season brought depression instead of joy for them. Their will be women and children living in abusive environments. Their will be single mothers pinching pennies hoping to be able to afford a gift for their children. These are the people who God needs us to reach out too. Not just during the holidays but year round. For some we may be the only Jesus they see. His light should always be shining through us to give those who are lost and searching, hope.

I’m aware that we can’t solve all the world’s problems but we can go out and love. We can remember that God calls us to go out into the world and share the gospel. We can go tell others about a God who can give you peace in any situation. We can smile and say “hello” to a stranger as we are dashing through the stores. We can take our children to pick an angel off of the tree. To remind them and ourselves that their are children in the world who won’t have tons of gifts to open this Christmas. To remind us that materialistic things can be taken from us at any given moment but a relationship with Jesus can never be stolen from us. I ask you all to be lights in a world that is dark!

Much love friends!

Father I pray for every reader. I pray for your peace and comfort in each one of their lives. I ask that you help us reach the hearts of many for you. That our lives will always be a reflection of the love and peace you have granted us. I thank you God for your unfailing love and forgiveness. Even when we fall you love us. I pray that each of us can be a light for those who are lost. I’ve been one of the lost. I’ve been the addict. I’ve lived a life in violence. I’ve been one of the little angels on the tree and you have blessed me more than I ever could have imagined! I love you and in everything we give you the glory Lord!
In Jesus Mighty Name!


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