Following The Path To A New You


If you are anything like me I had big plans of what I was going to accomplish in my first year of sobriety. Without those dreaded hangovers in my life anymore (that always led me to binge eat for an entire day after I had finished emptying my stomach all morning of course), I thought I would finally get around to being one of those super fit moms. Losing those pesky 20 lbs, that had been created by my old love of booze would be a cinch! Well I’m nearly to the 11 month mark and that’s not exactly how things have gone! Turns out in your first year of sobriety your riding a roller coaster of life lessons. Staying sober one day at a time is the GOAL! So don’t beat yourself up if staying sober is the only thing you feel that you’ve successfully accomplished! Be proud of yourself!

I feel like this year has mainly been about learning who this new me is. I was never very ok with the old me and I new I had to get on board with loving this new version of me! It has taken time of course but for the most part I really like this new gal I’ve become. Even with my multitude of flaws! I have a new found strength, I’m trying new things, and doors have opened for me that would have stayed shut if it was not for me deciding to take a chance on the sober path.

There has been so many positive changes in my life. God has taken a broken soul and gave her a purpose. I have a burning passion in my heart after so many years of emptiness. He’s given me many new dreams that a year ago I would have laughed at. Public speaking, writing a book, having my own sobriety clothing line, traveling the world sharing the gospel, working with troubled teens, taking my health back, and helping others get healthy are all on my dream list. Some are already in the works! At the beginning of my journey I never thought I would stand in front of crowds and speak. It’s still crazy to me that I’ve done this multiple times! Even though part of me was absolutely terrified! The old me would have never had the courage to do that!

I may not have every goal accomplished just yet but I’m sober and daily growing as a person. I’m on my way to being that strong, healthy, fit mom that I always wanted to be and I will be sharing more about that journey in future blogs. I have faith that as long as I’m following God’s path for me, the rest of my dreams will become realities.

Today if you are struggling or feeling like your too afraid to take that leap into sobriety, I want to encourage you to remember your worth! You are worth saving! A beautiful savior already died on a cross just for YOU! So that through him you can become a new creation! Give yourself the chance to start over! To start dreaming! It’s never to late to become the person that you were always meant to be!

I lift all of my readers up to you today. I pray for peace in each one of their lives. If they are struggling father I pray for your love and comfort to wash over them. I pray for them to have courage to start making the necessary changes in their lives that will allow them to grow closer to you. I want them all to know that change is possible. Through you anything is possible. I give you all glory and praise. In Jesus Christ mighty name! Amen!


2 thoughts on “Following The Path To A New You

  1. First off, this is one of the most stunning pictures I’ve ever seen of you. You’ve always been a beauty, but the clarity I see in your eyes, the smile on your face and the words coming from your heart are what make this particular picture so beautiful.
    Your posts and seeing the changes you’ve made in your life inspire me. I may not struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, but I struggle in other ways. You need to know how important this blog is. While I know your heart is in being an encouragement to those struggling with addiction, you are reaching a much greater audience. So proud of all you have accomplished and all the hard work you have put into making those painful changes. I love you and am blessed to call you one of my babies!


    • Mom thank you so much for saying that and thank you for supporting me. I have a heart for all who are lost and struggling and my hope is that people will be encouraged. Just by me sharing my faith, my struggles, and my life!


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