Trust The Process

This morning as I was chatting with my sister over topic ideas for my next blog she says “I’m waiting for the day when I read a blog inspired by my negative outlook on life.” I knew she was being dramatic and I laughed but she then said “she needed inspiring truth”. No pressure right!! I knew what she meant though. We’ve all been there. We have all had seasons where we don’t understand God’s plan. Is he even hearing us? I might just lose it if one more person tells me to hold my head up because things are going to get better! Have you ever felt that way? Well one more person is going to tell you….things ARE going to get better! I believe sometimes we go through these seasons of hard to prepare us for what lies ahead. Unfortunately in these seasons we can’t see the blessings that are waiting for us in our near futures. Let me share a story with you….

I just recently left my job at a salon I’ve been at off/on since Feb of 2010. Having a special needs daughter who only goes to school for 3 hours plus two boys who are very active in sports does not allow me time to have a job outside my home. God told me well over a year ago that my place was at home but I kept fighting to hold on to my little piece of freedom, which was the salon. I really had to have some hard talks with God and get to the root of why I couldn’t seem to let go, even though he had asked me too. You see it wasn’t the salon I couldn’t let go of, it was my dream. I started beauty school 10 years ago this year, and I had envisioned by now working in a very hip salon, full of other tattooed hair stylists , doing makeup, and alternative hair. I honestly don’t know how I thought that plan was going to turn out since I live in a town with two stop lights.

I think I also had to admit to myself that I was holding a little bit of hurt in my heart, that I had to give up my dream for my children. Alert the guilt patrol!! I saw that other momma’s were able to work but that plan just never worked out for me. Why didn’t it ever.. out for me? There. I had said it out loud. No good mother ever wants to admit such a thing! We never want to admit that we can be selfish. Friends our flesh is selfish sometimes. Take those feelings to God. Don’t carry around guilt for having the feelings because you know that in any situation you would always pick your little ones. That’s just what momma’s do.

I’ve been hanging with God long enough to know that when I hand something over to him that he’s been asking for the blessings start raining in. It’s crazy that I’m so stubborn about just doing what he asks the first time! I can’t see all of the plans he has rollin but I know that he has assured me that my beauty knowledge will not go to waste. He’s just tweaking my dreams as I grow in my faith. God can do the same for you. He can take those unfulfilled dreams and put a new spin on them. So today if you feel like you are in a rut I just want you to think for a minute “Is God asking me to hand over something I’m not willing to let go of yet?” Trust his process my friends.



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