A Letter To My Children

My preacher suggested that a few of the mothers in our congregation write a letter to our children this Mother’s Day about what our hopes and dreams are for them as they grow in their faith. We will be reading our letters in church this Sunday and I thought that this was such a fun way to show our little stinkers how much we love them! So I am making my letter this weeks blog post in hopes to encourage all of you other awesome momma’s to take a minute and write a letter to your babies!

What are my hopes for my children? I want them to be strong and courageous in their faith as we are commanded to be in Joshua 1:9. I pray they know the lord always and never lose the child like faith they have now. They have bold faith that makes me so proud and I don’t ever want that to change. I know there will come a time when someone will heckle them and poke fun at them for their beliefs. I know that feeling all too well and I pray that we are instilling boldness into them. I believe we are. When  I listen to them talk about God with each other, their friends, or cousins my heart nearly bursts. They each remind me of some of my favorite heroines from the bible. Let me share…..

To my girl: (my Esther),

Esther has always been one of my favorite gals of the bible. She was strong, brave, and beautiful inside and out. I love this verse from Esther 2:15 stating “Everyone who saw Esther liked her.” That is just like you my girl! Everywhere we go people know you and they love you. You have a smile that lights up a room! In many of the studies I have read it says that Esther was the most beautiful woman in all of Persia. Why do you think that was? Her God inside of her love. When he lives within us it will reflect on our outside. I pray that you never forget how lovely you are and I pray your light never ceases to shine. You have faced and overcome more in your short twelve years than most adults have yet to experience. I’ve always said that it just seemed like you were born knowing God. I think children who are born “wonderfully unique” like yourself have a secret gateway into the spirit realm that the rest of us just can’t quite reach. God is going to reach many through your story. He already has! God created a fighter in you missy and I’m looking forward to watching his plans unfold.

To my very long-haired guy: (my Samson)

When I was a little girl I loved hearing Grandpa and Grandma tell me the story of Samson. This man with super human strength and long hair that could not be cut. You were born big and strong. Solid as a rock. Now as you grow not only in size but in your faith, I look at my big strong guy with his long locks, and think of Samson. I often think to myself we can’t ever cut this guys hair! He’ll lose his strength! You wouldn’t of course but I love that you’re so attached to it. It’s very much a part of who you are just like your faith. I think you could be a preacher someday. Your very intelligent just like daddy and you often blow me away by how well at seven years old you can quote the bible. You have such a sweet heart, that will one day turn into a great man, and unlike Samson I pray that you guard your heart until God sends you your Ruth. One of my most favorite memories of you was watching you holding more bibles then you could actually carry in the streets of OKC. It was a very scary area full of homeless people. To be honest mommy felt fear but not you. You ran up to every homeless person you saw and gave them a bible. You make me proud sweet guy.

To my baby: (my Joseph)

Oh my silly baby boy! You remind me of my most favorite story of Joseph the Dreamer. I could read this story over and over again (and I have). Just like Joseph you are a dreamer and you are very sure of not only yourself but of your faith and you will argue with anyone who disagrees! You can tell a story better than anyone I know and I love your imagination! I pray that your heart stays humble. Joseph endured many trials and tribulations because early in life his brothers thought of him as “boastful.” God was with him every step of his journey and he became a great leader. You will be a great leader some day also baby boy. People tell me strong-willed children always are and you are one of the strongest I know!  As of now your six-year-old self is very sure you will be living with Mommy and Daddy forever but I can already see that the “dreamer” heart God has laid in you will lead you elsewhere. Someday when you become a man God will say “Who shall I send?” I just know it will be you! You are fearless and always up for an adventure and I’m positive that I will be spending much time praying my knees off for my wild and carefree boy! It’s going to be an exciting ride little man!

Happy Mothers Day!


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