A Shoe Catastrophe: Welcome To My Awkward Life



If you have ever stumbled upon one of my blogs, then you have probably noticed that I tend to be more on the inspirational side. Well sista, today’s blog post is going to be a little less “inspirational” and a little more “comical” maybe even “painful”. I’m not sure yet!

I would say if you asked the general population to name one thing that they know about me they would probably say that I’m known for being in recovery (and rocking it by the way)! If you would ask those who know me well what comes to mind when they think of me they would probably tell you they have many memories of me being awkward and clumsy. They would say this with love too of course! It’s a trait I’ve carried around my entire life. The girl who can trip over air! I’m sure some of you can relate but as I’ve grown, matured, and developed in my faith, I’ve become more and more ok with the quirky side of life! Let me take you on an awkward adventure with me………

So it was right before the spring soccer season was starting and I have two sons who play. I live in a very small town so I took a day to myself, actually changed out of sweats, and drove the 45 minutes to the Big Town to get soccer supplies. As I’m heading to the supply store I think to myself “I bet Ross has Nike sweat bands for way cheaper than this other store”. Sweat bands are a necessity in our household because both of my guys have long hair just like their daddy! As I’m walking into the store I’m noticing that my shoe is making a weird noise. It feels a little uncomfortable to walk but not too terrible and as I get closer to the sporting section the noise gets worse.

I should clarify that I’m rocking my favorite pair of wedges that I have owned since I was pregnant with my youngest son who is now 6! So I nonchalantly look down at my shoe to assess the situation and notice that it is splitting in half! By this point in my life I’m use to these types of situations happening to me so I say to myself “Ok.” “Cool.” “So this is happening.”

I stand in front of the sweat bands for a couple of minutes debating what I’m going to do. I mean of course I’ve got to go grab a new pair of shoes but should I take my shoes off and walk barefoot over there? Gross. Nope, I went with the playing it cool as I took a step with one leg and then carefully did a drag/scoot/shuffle across the store. I made sure to make eye contact with no one!

I’ve made it to the shoe isle thank the Lord! I’m a 5’10” girl which has me sporting 9.5 kicks and the only shoes that I can find in my size that are going to match my outfit are a pair of shiny black pumps that look like they are straight from the 80’s. It’s cool though I’m fine with sporting any decade! So at this point I’m not sure why I didn’t just put on the new shoes and head to the check out with the box but instead I continued to shuffle over to the checkout line, new shoes in hand. A sweet lady in front of me says “You only have one thing.” “Please go ahead.” I thanked her and shuffled past not looking back or trying to explain. Finally I’m outside! Just a little further and I will be at my truck and this whole embarrassing situation will be over!

Then it happened!

I step off the curb and the shoe really gets to splitting. Every step is making a very loud clonk clonk clonk and  I burst out in laughter. The crazy lady, laughing by herself, clonking away in her broken shoe and I didn’t care who was watching! Please believe they were watching!


So I know this is so not one of my typical blogs but for me it still has meaning! It means that the awkward girl who was “embarrassed” to life, is finally ok with who she is. She can finally laugh at herself and enjoys sharing her life with others. She is ok because she knows that her God created her for a purpose. Quirkiness and all! Don’t be afraid to just be who you are girls! The things that you feel make you awkward are exactly what make you unique!

Clumsy girls unite!


I love hearing from my readers! So many of you have made my day! Keep in touch at mistyelliott@beautifulrecovery.com







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