Thrifty Sunday Style

For awhile now I have been wanting to share more of my knowledge pertaining to the beauty and fashion world. Especially when it comes to being a Christian woman in this world but fear held me back. I guess I didn’t want to be seen as just another fashion blogger and having people think that I was forgetting why I started this blog. It’s silly that I even had such fears when I know that my faith is an intricate part of who I am. So whether we are discussing recovery, mommy topics, clothes, or beauty I know God will be reflected. This is why I started a Faith-Based Lifestyle Blog because I want to talk about the hard and the fun of being a girl.

Ok with that being said I should inform you that I have not always been a fashionista. I’ve been a cosmetologist for 9 years now which means my journey into the beauty world began 10 years ago (goodness that’s forever)! I didn’t have a terrible sense of style back then but I was scared to take risks. Scared of dressing differently from the pack. I can tell you I’m so not that girl anymore! My beauty school days also led to a LOVE of makeup! I had a friend in school who was amazing at basically everything in the industry and she taught me a lot about makeup. I have since then been learning from my other talented beauty friends and watching more YouTube videos than I care to admit too!



So one thing I really love to do is “Treasure Shop” at Thrift Stores! Yes I call it treasure shopping because that is exactly what it feels like to me! I have a few basic styles I always try to lean towards. One I call “responsible mom”. You know when you try to appear like you have it all together when you have to be at your kid’s school. When in actuality you have no idea where you left your brain this morning and you’re just hoping that your cup of coffee that you drank halfway before forgetting about it is going to get you through to the end of this day. My second style and probably my most loved would be vintage! My obsession with the 40’s and 50’s started long before the hipster era brought vintage back. Next you can find me looking like the front woman for an 80’s glam rock band. I like to have a little bit of a Joan Jett style going on. Lastly workout attire. Which with kids and being a stay at home mom of course this is the look I’m rockin the most!

So thrift stores are perfect for vintage looks and for any of you rockers out there! Especially if you enjoy shredding your clothes to customize it to your style (which I do).  Also to get a little hippie on you for just a second it’s so much better on our environment (not to mention your wallet) to repurpose! Yes I am one of those people! Do I love buying new clothes? Absolutely! In all honesty though I get just as excited from finding a great thrifty piece!

Now for some real talk ladies. I’ve heard women say more times than I can count that they can’t come to church because they have nothing to wear. I really want to address this. It’s Gods house and he doesn’t need you to impress him. He needs you to spend time with him. I know that there can be fear of judgement for your clothes but that is worldly. That isn’t God but I do understand the need to want to look nice in church. It can just make us feel more comfortable.


My church isn’t fancy at all. You could show up in sweats and nobody would care. They’d be happy to have ya. For me though I need that one day to change out of the mommy attire and be me! I went from having a wild past that involved glamming up often to feeling like the glam part of my life that I still love was gone. So Sunday’s have become my fancy days. Who better to get dolled up for than my Heavenly Father! It’s also the day I usually get my selfie taken for the week. 🙂 Fancy doesn’t need to mean expensive though friend. You can find some really great pieces for pennies! My dress in this photo cost $.99!

I don’t want something as silly as clothes to hinder you from getting back in church. I think there use to be “shame” associated with having to thrift but times have changed friend! It’s kind of the cool thing to do…for us eccentrics of the world anyway! I use to thrift because I had too and now I do it because I want too! No shame about it. It’s an adventure for me! Don’t let excuses hold you back from getting plugged in with a church family. I don’t know what I would do without mine!

Much love!

Dress: Thrift Store

Jewelry: Rocksbox Use coupon code: missbeautifulrecoveryxoxo to receive your first month of membership free.


Purse: Stitchfix

Jacket/Shoes: Rue21

*This post contains some (but not all) sponsored links. I’m telling you this because it is the law of the land but most importantly I want you to know why I chose to allow a few sponsored posts. Well because it is expensive to run a blog friends and I will only ever share links to products that I actually use and love!!! All opinions are my own!











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