Do You Have A Workout Squad?

Do you see that crew of five wild ones? That is my workout squad! Three of my own children and two nephews that I babysit during the day for my sister. This morning as we were out on our run/walk/bike ride I was thinking about how much I enjoy this hour of my day. I think they enjoy it too. Although in the process of getting them out the door I do hear the complaints about how they have to leave their video games. Sigh!

It’s important for me being a mother in recovery to have a healthy outlet. Even if all I can accomplish for the day is going for a walk or squeezing in a 20 minute workout it makes a huge difference in my mindset. When I workout that is my time to talk to God, think about life, and just do something good for me!

I love encouraging the kids to exercise and eat healthy. I mean they are kids I don’t make them eat perfect. They get treats but one of the boys eats half a bag of apples a day and the other boy eats half a bag of oranges. The girl finishes off the rest of the bags! I don’t drink pop but we do allow the kids to have pop if we are at a sit down restaurant. You just have to find the right balance for your family.


I was also thinking as we were on our run this morning “I hope I’m not that drill sergeant parent wanting my kids to be athletes”. Both of my guys play soccer and they are very competitive with it. I know I’m that mom who will say “walk it off” if I can tell they aren’t seriously injured (mom’s know) but we aren’t at extreme’s. I want them to love the sports they choose to play but also know they have to do their part and work. I believe teaching them this will instill self-discipline into them throughout their life!

My daughter who has cerebral palsy is the one who love’s to go ride the most! She has a trike that she rides and she has no problems leaving me in her dust! I want her to know that being active is good for her body also. She doesn’t have to be a super athlete. I just always want her to not be afraid to attempt things. To see what that little body is capable of. She is already stronger than she knows!

I was in the 5th grade when I ran my first long distance race and I knew that was going to be my thing. My dad worked with me a lot. I went on daily runs with my dad driving behind me saying things like “I’m a Watonga girl and I’m right behind ya!” “Better hurry!” Looking back I’m pretty sure this was a very redneck approach to training but I ended up running in both state cross-country and state track meets. I’m now 33 and still enjoy racing in 5k’s with my son (who started long distance running at 7). My proudest racing accomplishment was running one of my half marathon races 4 months after having our youngest son cesarean section and I was still breastfeeding. So see these traits of being able to train myself were instilled into me early in life!

I know it can be tough as a mom finding the time to make your health a priority but that is just it. You have to make it a priority. You have to find the time. Don’t wait until you have everything else done then workout. Workout so that you have the energy to do everything else! If I can workout with this wild crew then I bet you can get your crew to workout too!

Much love!


If you are feeling like you need more personalized accountability then shoot me a message at or find me on Facebook I would love to work with you on your journey!


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