Expanding Our Tribe

It will be two years ago this coming August that I created a little account on Instagram called Recovering Beauties. Instagram was the first place that I shared my own sobriety journey. So the sober community there is very special to me. I wanted to give women a voice. I wanted them to be able to share their journey’s proudly. Out in the open! So I started featuring women and would share when her recovery journey began. If she felt led to share some of her past then I shared that also. I even eventually started featuring the guys. I call them Recovering Gents.

I prayed a lot about this account and God told me that I was to love people right where they were at. So it has been a very diverse group of beauties. There has been tatted and non tatted, pierced, modest women, not so modest women, several different ethnicities, straight, gay, transgender, Christians, atheists, etc. Most of these differences you wouldn’t know from just glancing at the account. I know because I take the time to see who these Beauties and Gents are as people. So even with so many different backgrounds they all had one major thing in common. They were overcoming a big battle.

I would pray about my posts (especially any that could be seen as controversial) and God continued saying “love them where they are at”. Some may not agree with my approach but that is exactly why I listen to the Holy Spirit and try to tune out what the world says I should be doing. So many of these Beauties and Gents have followed me over to my main account were I share my heart and faith all the time. I’ve thought to myself many times that it’s so funny how many non believers hang out with me on social media. I’m praying to reach them and maybe they are thinking they are going to convert me (haha not gonna happen)! What I hope they actually see though and what you see is that my Jesus loves people whether they love him or not. As should we. I always try to remember that once upon a time I was a very lost soul and because of that I believe I have a heart for the lost, the different, and the misfits of our world.

A year after creating Recovering Beauties, right when my acount was really taking off and I had just created a clothing line, I took a nearly six month break from the account. I logged out one day with no plans of ever logging back in. I went through this really rough season (deep depression) that I’m sure many have experienced who minister to addicts. I was seeing Beauties and Gents relapse. I was also seeing people in my own life choosing to go back to old ways. I thought it was just to heart breaking to keep trying. I was done. Not to mention the fact that I run all of my own social media’s so having this account takes work. The inbox was filling up with more messages than I had time in a day to respond to all wanting to know when I was going to post their photo. Just everything became overwhelming.

Then one day my heart was healed and God told me it was time to get back to my purpose. Recovering Beauties was on the list and I took baby steps getting my account going again. Once again its starting to grow and the other day when I was debating if “recovery” was still my purpose God said “We aren’t done yet.” Then he laid on my heart that it was time to expand! So that is what I have done. I created a Recovering Beauties Facebook group. This group is going to be different from the IG account. It will be faith-based and for women only. My group leaders and myself want to be able to minister to these women. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a Christian to be in the group but it does mean that our advice and encouragement will be biblical! I’m looking forward to getting to know the women, encourage them, support them, etc. I want them to know that they aren’t alone on this journey!

I grew in my faith and learned so much in that dark season and I hope to use that experience to bring some light into these amazing women’s lives. If I learned anything it would be the importance of not feeling alone in this walk!

Our group is for support/fellowship but we are not affiliated with any programs nor are we counselors. Just women sharing our hearts and what God has done for us! If this sounds like the kind of support you are looking for in your journey please join us!

Recovering Beauties



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