Losing My Excuses

If you have followed my blog or any of my social media sites for more than five minutes then you probably already know a few things about me. 1) I love Jesus. 2) I don’t drink alcohol. 3) I’m pretty passionate about health and fitness.

You may also know that I struggle with migraines and hypothyroidism. I’ve been dealing with these health issues for a couple of years now and I occasionally share some of my tips on the things that I have found to help relieve symptoms. I honestly try not to talk to much about my health struggles because I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining. I flat-out don’t believe in writing or posting negativity. I do my best to speak positivity in my daily life also but I’m gonna be honest, I’m human and there are days when sarcasm is my second language, especially if I’m in pain (working on it)!

That face lol. Got my workout in though!

So this past weekend my family traveled to OKC to watch my husband compete in Conquer The Gauntlet. This is an obstacle course race and since I’ve run this particular race before, (last year in Tulsa) I can tell you it is no easy feat. As I was running last year I remember having thoughts such as “this is a death race!” “Did they take all six weeks of military basic training and jam it into a four mile course”? I told you guys I was a bit sarcastic! Anyway, my husband doesn’t think the way I do and he loves this race. He ran elite for the first time in this particular race and finished 11th with his belt (meaning he finished all obstacles)! We are super proud of him and our little guys enjoyed racing in the kids Gauntlet!

The hubby setting a positive example for our boys!

What wasn’t awesome however was that two days before the race I could feel one of my pesky migraines coming! You guys I’m gonna be real, I’ve grown accustomed to having a headache almost every single day for the past two years. Over the past year medicine (more prayer than anything) has kept the migraines from going full-blown on a weekly basis to a monthly basis and the migraine that came for me Friday came with a vengeance! It was fierce friends and I should have gone to the ER like I’ve had to go so many times before but I didn’t want to ruin our family trip. I chose to lay around in pain instead of knocked out on Benadryl (not sure where my logic was but oh well)! Saturday morning after more medicine and drinking a real Coke (I NEVER drink pop) I was holding up much better by the time my guy raced. Thank ya Jesus!

Tarzan in Toe Shoes! He seriously only wears Vibram Five Fingers!

Something changed in my mindset as my children and I chased these elite athletes around this daunting obstacle course. I wanted to be out there with them! I mean I don’t necessarily need to be an elite but I want to race. I want to finish this beast of a course too! I saw so many old classmates at this race and other people I knew and they would all ask why I wasn’t racing? I would explain that I was hanging with the little ones while my hubby raced but really why wasn’t I racing?

The hubby awkwardly flexing lol with our friend Randi! She was 1st Female at this race! I know some beasts!

I will tell you why? I’ve let my health issues be an excuse. Plain and simple. I do workout but nothing strenuous enough to be able to run a race such as this. I tell myself I’ve got to be easy on myself because I don’t want to trigger a migraine. To an extent there is truth in this but the migraines have been coming anyway, regardless of what I do. So should I stop trying to set big fitness goals for myself? I don’t believe so. I also catch myself saying or thinking the phrase “I’m so tired” multiple times a day. The exhaustion my thyroid issue can cause is taxing but not everyday is a bad day! So no more excuses! I’m going to survive the CTG Tulsa race in August as long as my new functional medicine doctor I will be seeing next week approves! So excited to finally get to chat with a doc who practices medicine but also believes on the natural side of things like this girl does!

Our youngest monkey in the kids Gauntlet

In conclusion to this blog fitness novel! If you’re a migraine sufferer, struggling with hypothyroidism, dealing with any type of pain really….GOD SEES YOU! Pain is a terrible thing and I’m sorry your going through this. People don’t always understand. Especial when you look fine on the outside! God understands! He knows it is not just a headache! He knows your headaches laugh at Excedrine Migraine!;)  Keep trusting him!!! He is in control! Keep your faith! Your answers are coming! It’s so important not to give up on yourself! Keep setting goals. Even through those struggles. Maybe they aren’t big brutal goals but don’t stop setting goals! I definitely haven’t been setting my standards as high for myself in the fitness department as I normally do but thats changing friends! I’m not giving up!

That ball of hair is our oldest guy. He’s already becoming an awesome long distance runner and he’s only 8!

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his stripes we are healed. Isaiah 53:5




2 thoughts on “Losing My Excuses

  1. Oh wow!!! I really needed to hear this. I went to ER last night and had to give up an event I was really looking forward to because of my migraine attacks that spiralled out of control with my vomitting.
    My husband and I was just discussing how I need to ‘drop some of my goals’ when I opened my email to your blog post subscription. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and being so encouraging. Thank you, Jesus for connecting me with sisters who understand.


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