Time Changes Everything

Time Changes Everything

I initially set out to create this post because I was gifted this lovely watch by sponsors and needed to share about their generosity. As I sat here thinking, it did not feel authentic for me to just create a sponsored post and not share a story. I’ve never left God out of a blog and I can’t start today. So I turned to God for a story and he gave me one.

*this post contains affiliate links

I’m so grateful to Jord for sending me this lovely eco friendly watch. The southern california sun, combined wtih the ocean, and the beautiful wood of this watch made this nature girls heart happy. These watches are unique gifts! Check them out here Jord Watches

The watch got me thinking about time and time led to thinking about seasons. I’m currently in a season of growth. Scratching the surface of fully jumping into my call. I can feel it but there is still work that has to be done. Layers still need to be peeled away. I’ve been spending more time in prayer than I usually do and God has been showing me relationships that I need to fix, places where unforgiveness lies, and my own sinful nature that I’ve refused to hand over. You see I have glimpses of the direction God wants to take me. I know God gives us the desires of our hearts, when our hearts line up with his desires for us. My heart desires for my family and I to travel this world, reaching out to others. My heart desires to write books and to become a public speaker, which would allow me to reach out to women.  Lastly,  my heart desires to love, minister, and disciple troubled teens.

  • The enemy  gets my heart terrified of my dreams becoming realities because what if I fail?

For a couple of seasons I can honestly say I became frozen in fear. Terrified of failure. Have you ever experienced this? Actually thinking maybe I should just stay stuck right here in my fear, my anger, my sins that I’m not ready to release because if I just stay stuck then I will never have to experience seeing whether or not my dreams would fail! That’s bananas! We know it’s bananas but we do it!

I’m going to tell you a secret….you are absolutely, 100% going to fail at some point. Probably lots of times! You know what that’s  ok! Our failures help us figure things out. They help us figure out what we are good at. What works. What doesn’t. Did you read that very specific list of dreams I have? I can assure you it has taken time for me to figure out  those dreams. I’ve experimented, got involved in other people’s ministies, started my own ministries, figured out what I was good at, and what I was terrible at! I learned what my gifts are!

Don’t let fear hold you back from living your call. Don’t let the fact that you don’t live life perfectly right now hold you back from living your call. God will get you to where he needs you to be! Don’t be afraid to dabble in different ministries and see what you’re good at. Above all don’t stay stuck in a place of unforgiveness and never be able to move forward. You know the saying “time heals all wounds”? Well yeah…time, distance, maturity can change a lot but God is the only one who can heal that wound. So hand it over!

3 Years Of Ministry Successes and Failures

  • Served at least a billion burgers (kidding but its been a lot and when speed was required they put me in charge of pickles because I was slow haha)
  • Broke boards in a martial arts ministry ( Not my call in life but I had a blast and was covered in large knots)
  • Homeless  ministry (rewarding)
  • Troubled Youth Ministry (absolutely a call)
  • Public Speaking (wow have I had some doozey’s which cracks me up to even think about but it gets better all the time)
  • Christian Radio Host (loved)
  • Leading Bible Studies (great experience)
  • Blogging (would have never done this if God didn’t tell me too)
  • Social Media Ministry (this is my thing)
  • Decided to start recovery clothing line (was terrified to charge money)
  • Children’s Church (nope)
  • Free Haircuts to kids (rewarding yet nope I do not have the personality to cope with crowds of small children)
  • Served Snow Cones multiple times  (I ate a lot of the snow cones let’s be real)
  • Teach My Kids How To Serve (SUCCESS)
  • Started Recovering Beauties (love)

I’m sure the list could go on but I just wanted to give a few examples of things I personally have tried. Some of my friends are absolutely amazing at serving. Just whip food up and get things organized like it’s no big deal. I assure you that is a talent and it’s not mine. I run around them like a spaz saying “what do I do?” “Can I just go talk to people?” You may have to spend a lot of time experimenting to figure out your niche but I assure you friend you will find it! Much love!






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