Christians Practicing Yoga: My Personal Experience 

Incase you have never read my blog before let me just tell you that I’m a God fearing gal! I also happen to practice yoga. I’ve recently been asked by several people if it’s ok for a Christian to practice yoga and friend ultimately that is between you and God. Seek his council before mine! I will however share my yoga journey with you.

When my daughter was a baby (so around 2005) I started practicing yoga and I loved it. I had a family member voice concerns about my yoga practice and ask that I join her at a conference where we learned the reasons why yoga can be dangerous and also learned an alternative to yoga.

Do I believe forms of yoga can be dangerous for a Christian? Absolutely!!!!!!!  So after this conference my yoga journey ended. I still did Pilates (much like yoga) and even continued Pilates through both of my pregnancies with my sons. 

I decided that long distance running however was just going to be the best form of exercise for me. I competed in multiple 5k events and two half marathons. In 2014 I was training for a marathon when my body shut down. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue. I was told absolutely no cardio except for going for walks. My best workout option recommended by multiple doctors was yoga.

I thought to myself “but yoga is demonic”!

So I decided to do research. A lot of research! I found a practice called Holy Yoga (that I’m not affiliated with) but I just fell in love with their teachings. They have a book written by their founder, loads of information on their website, and also videos explaining differences in how they practice as Christians.

First I was relieved to learn that yoga is not a religion as I had been led to believe but a spiritual discipline. I had also previously believed each posture was created for each of the thousands of Hindu Gods. When yoga actually pre-dates Hinduism. 

For many I know they are also bothered by the English names of some of the postures. Such as cobra or corpse pose. For me I look at the fact that most postures are named after animals and my one true Heavenly Father created the animals (including cobras). Now that I’ve been practicing yoga and when I see an animal move I get it. We are just mimicking their movements (hence the names). As for corpse pose, it’s our final resting pose and yes I agree it’s a creepy name but I understand postures where named after what they appear to look like. I typically refer to this pose by its Sanskrit name Savasana. 

I feel like I could talk a lot on this subject but my main point I want you to know is when I come to my mat, I come seeking Jesus. Fitness & Jesus have always intertwined for me. Yoga being no different. I come to find his calm, his peace, his love, his guidance, etc. Sometimes I come just to meditate and pray. Yoga is a spiritual discipline and whether or not it works for you as a Christian is all going to depend on how you practice! Much love!

P.S.There will definitely be a follow up! I have so much more to say but didn’t want to write a novel! Go do your research if you are feeling led to practice yoga and who you are led by is also so important! P.S.S. I’m not an expert just sharing my research and experience!


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