The Love Dare

I have a history with this book. Five to six years ago I started this challenge on two different occasions and did not make it further than a week before deciding I was done. I actually tossed out my previous copies. Then last Christmas this book was gifted to my husband and I once again and I thought to myself “Oh….this book.” It’s been sitting on my pretty pink bookshelf my husband built me for nearly a year now and occasionally it catches my eye.

Let me explain why I finally decided to give this challenge a real chance….

My family plays a game together at dinner time called “Elliott Trivia”. One person starts by saying “Guess my favorite ______ (fill in the blank).” The rest of us make guesses and the first to get the correct answer now has a turn. We often have to try and figure out our youngest sons fourteenth favorite food or sixth favorite color (he’s a character)!

There is much silliness in the game but we have honestly learned a lot about each other. As a matter of fact I have learned that my husband knows all of my favorites. From books, movies, colors, foods, animals, etc he ALWAYS knows the correct answer. Even when I try to stump him.

This got me to thinking “ he really knows me and he is actually listening to me when I talk” (even when he pretends he isn’t). I thought to myself “there must not be any mystery left in our marriage if he knows everything about me” but isn’t that exactly what most of us ladies dreamt about when we were young? We would envision a husband who truly takes the time to know us and a man we could share our favorites with. That’s what I day dreamed about.

Unfortunately, I rarely know the answer to his questions. After nearly eleven years of marriage how did I not know his favorite color, favorite car, or favorite mud truck? Did he ever tell me or was I just not listening?

The other day I knew discovering my husband needed to be more of a priority when I offered to make him a sandwich and he dramatically grabbed his chest and fell to the floor. He found himself to be hilarious! I found his display comical as well and again laughed after I finished up with his sandwich and he said “No cayenne pepper!” “You don’t even know me.”

I knew he was being sarcastic but it got me thinking “if I don’t even know how the guy likes his sandwiches then maybe I need to be investing some time into him.” So I reached for the Love Dare.

This time I feel excitement about learning how to better love my husband. I’m excited to shower him with gifts, cook for him, be kind, etc. Because this time I’m not going into this challenge thinking “we are in trouble” or for my own selfish reasons. I honestly just want to become more of the woman God has created me to be and I believe God created me to be my husbands wife. I’m looking forward to this journey!

Stay tuned.


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